New PECO Instant Lighting Discounts for March 2024!

The PECO Instant Lighting Discounts Program has updated its incentive amounts as of March 1, 2024. These incentives are on qualified LED products that are installed by business and non-profits in the PECO service territory. These are also the rebates and discounts that are available through the UtilityGenius PECO Commercial Storefront!

This round of changes are divided into three types of change. Some incentives are flat, some are lower and some are eliminated. Since PECO is almost 60% through its current five year program cycle this change isn’t unusual. Utilities will often use this technique to preserve funding for the remainder of their funding cycle. 

The details:

No change in incentive value:

Decrease in incentive value: (-11% to -42% depending on category)

Removed from the program:

  • Downlight Fixtures and Retrofit Kits
  • Refrigeration Case Lighting
  • Indoor LED Channel Signage
  • High-Bay Fixtures and Retrofit Kits < 15,000lm 

Despite these changes there are still plenty of products where the discount is greater than 50% and even some products that only cost $1 !!!!! 

The UtilityGenius PECO Commercial Storefront is the easiest way to access these amazing discounts and rebates. If you are a business or other non-profit organization that receives electric service from PECO, you are eligible to purchase these LED products.  After you checkout, you will be contacted via email to verify your address and then the products will be shipped to you from our local electrical distributor partners!

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